2 July 2004: segusoLand is not being developed anymore (why?). However, its successor, called Logical Desktop, is online. This site remains online for historical reasons only.

Welcome to the home page of segusoLand.

segusoLand is a program for GNU/linux that enables users to specify any kind of action in a very uniform way, with an artificial intelligence that aids you while you are composing the action, by showing you only the relevant options.

segusoLand features a completely new user interaction paradigm called "reciprocal incremental list narrowing", or simply "narrowing". You won't find it anywhere else.

Some people would call segusoLand a "desktop environment", some a "file manager", some a "start menu"... it is difficult to classify it because it is quite innovative.

segusoLand is created by Maurizio Colucci (

segusoLand is free software, licensed under the GPL.